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Source : http://www.psychicguild.com/horoscopes_explained.php

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AQUARIUS January 20 -February 18 – The Sweetheart

  • Optimistic and honest.
  • Sweet and eccentric personality.
  • Very independent.
  • Inventive and intelligent.
  • Friendly and loyal.
  • Can seem unemotional.
  • Can be a bit rebellious.
  • Very stubborn, but original and unique.
  • Attractive on the inside and out.

PISCES February 19 -March 20 – The Dreamer

  • Generous, kind, and thoughtful.
  • Very creative and imaginative.
  • May become secretive and vague.
  • Sensitive, kind and unselfish.
  • Don’t like details, dreamy and unrealistic.
  • Sympathetic and loving.
  • Good kisser and beautiful.

ARIES March 21 -April 19 – The Daredevil

  • Energetic, adventurous and spontaneous.
  • Confident and enthusiastic.
  • Fun and loves a challenge.
  • Impatient and sometimes selfish.
  • Short fuse, easily angered.
  • Lively, passionate, and sharp wit.
  • Outgoing but lose interest quickly – easily bored.
  • Egotistical, courageous and assertive.
  • Tends to be physical and athletic.

TAURUS April 20 -May 20 – The Enduring One

  • Charming but aggressive.
  • Can come off as boring, but they are not.
  • Hard workers and warm-hearted.
  • Strong, has endurance, solid beings who are stable and secure in their ways.
  • Not looking for shortcuts, take pride in their beauty, patient and reliable.
  • Make great friends and give good advice.
  • Loving and kind, loves hard – passionate.
  • Express themselves emotionally, prone to ferocious temper-tantrums.
  • Determined, indulge themselves often and very generous.

GEMINI May 21 -June 20 – The Chatterbox

  • Smart and witty.
  • Outgoing, very chatty and gossips.
  • Lively, energetic and adaptable but needs to express themselves.
  • Argumentative and outspoken.
  • Likes change and versatile.
  • Busy, sometimes nervous and tense.
  • May seem superficial or inconsistent, but is only changeable.
  • Beautiful physically and mentally.

CANCER June 21 -July 22 – The Protector

  • Moody, emotional and may be shy.
  • Very loving and caring.
  • Pretty/handsome, excellent partners for life.
  • Protective, inventive and imaginative.
  • Cautious, touchy kind of person.
  • Needs love from others, sympathetic but easily hurt.

LEO July 23 -August 22 – The Boss

  • Very organized, need order in their lives – like being in control and like boundaries.
  • Tend to take over everything and bossy.
  • Like to help others, social and outgoing.
  • Extroverted, generous, warm-hearted and sensitive.
  • Creative energy and full of themselves.
  • Loving and attractive.
  • Doing the right thing is important to Leos.

VIRGO August 23 -September 22 – The Perfectionist

  • Dominant in relationships, conservative, argumentative and always wants the last word.
  • Worries but very smart.
  • Dislikes noise and chaos.
  • Eager, hardworking and loyal.
  • Beautiful, easy to talk to.
  • Hard to please and harsh.
  • Practical and very fussy but often shy and pessimistic.

LIBRA September 23 -October 22 – The Harmonizer

  • Nice to everyone they meet.
  • Can’t make up their mind.
  • Have own unique appeal, creative, energetic, and very social.
  • Hates to be alone, peaceful and generous.
  • Very loving and beautiful, flirtatious.
  • Procrastinators, give in too easily and very gullible.

SCORPIO October 23 -November 21 – The Intense One

  • Very energetic, hardworking.
  • Intelligent, attractive, talkative, romantic and great kisser.
  • Can be jealous and/or possessive, obsessive or secretive.
  • Determined.
  • Loves being in long relationships.
  • Can be self-centered at times.
  • Passionate, emotional and holds grudges.

SAGITTARIUS November 22 -December 21 – The Happy-Go-Lucky One

  • Good-natured optimist.
  • Doesn’t want to grow up (Peter Pan Syndrome).
  • Indulges self, likes luxuries and gambling, boastful.
  • Social, outgoing but doesn’t like responsibilities, and impatient.
  • Often fantasize, fun to be around and having lots of friends.
  • Flirtatious, beautiful inside and out.
  • Doesn’t like rules.
  • Sometimes hypocritical and dislikes being confined and doubted.

CAPRICORN December 22 -January 19 – The Go-Getter

  • Patient and wise.
  • Practical and rigid, ambitious.
  • Tends to be good-looking, humorous and funny.
  • Can be a bit shy and reserved but often pessimists.
  • Capricorns tend to act before they think, can be unfriendly at times and hold grudges.
  • Like competition and get what they want.

Source : http://blog.lorla.com/funny/short-direct-and-interesting-horoscope/


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